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Role Of People

Today my mother was watching a video of a saint on the phone; the saint was telling a good story that my ears perked up. I thought I should share that story with you today.

This saint was a hunter. He used to think that there is only evil in the world; everyone hated him, his family did not live with him. One day, the saint went hunting in a forest. Suddenly a storm came, so he sat near a tree. After some time, a pigeon’s wife sees him and then takes him into the nest. The pigeon searched for his wife and he hears her voice. His wife tells him to help the hunter for is caught in this storm. Then the pigeon asks the hunter what do you want? The hunter tells the pigeon “I am feeling cold.” The pigeon takes some leaves from its beak and burns them for the hunter. The pigeon then asks do you need anything? The hunter said “I am hungry.” The pigeon had nothing to feed the hunter, so he put myself in the fire so the hunter may eat him. There are good people in the world too.

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