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Like most people her childhood was memorable and happy. But as she started paving her way into this chaotic world she felt like she is lagging. So, at the age of 14(now 20 y/o), She attempted suicide during a school lecture with the pencil nib. The reason was her teacher was keeping partiality between a scholar and a normal student. Her anger was her weakness. When her teachers and parents made a query about her suicidal attempts, she lied to them at that moment because she couldn't express her feelings. Even if she decides to express herself, no one will understand her. 

Thenceforth, her teachers and family were scared of her and everyone talked to her very politely in every situation. She had friends in class but at that moment she felt so lonely. She used to score a good percentage in her academic performance around 89 to 90 percentage but she couldn't give her best replies when someone asked her about something as she was interested only in writing but not speaking. Then 3 years later she again tried suicide in Marine lines (Mumbai). She almost died in the water but luckily a tourist saved her life and called her teachers and parents as there was a contact number written in her books.

Her teachers and classmates started making fun of her suicidal attempt. Her class teacher would discuss in each of her classes that one of my Class CR attempted Suicide, and her best friend shared everything with her tuition mates and made fun of her trust. Her classmates lived near her house and her mother Divya's mother was often called that her daughter did suicide.

Many things had been done with her but she could not control her anger. Not only these two times but many times she attempted & thought of suicide, she just wanted to die anyhow because she couldn't see and adjust to the working of this selfish world. Then she started trying to focus on one of her childhood dreams "to become a Doctor" but because of her depression, she scored fewer marks on her 12th board.

Then she chose BSC in the field of chemistry as a backup. She filled out the form for the 12th improvement exam, and everyone advised her that don't give it again, and whatever marks you get just accepted it and go ahead. But she fought with everyone. So on the day of the practical exam, while she was giving a physics practical exam she started crying during the exam because she did not know how to perform and what to write to pertain & compare to the content. She was so scared at that time but she cleared the improvement exam and got eligible for NEET. She obtained around 200 marks in NEET which was not a good score for MBBS.

Then she again tried to give NEET but due to covid, she didn't go to the centre and she missed it. While she was studying she was so frustrated & she couldn't wait for another 2 years for an exam and more than 5 years of practice. 

Even though she was so emotional and couldn't focus on studies, she realized she is not good for this exam because she is angry, impatience, and emotional. ( You can check her hands, attempted suicide some memories are stuck there). She holds the pain of not being able to help others as a Doctor. So with a heavy heart, she gave up on her childhood dream.

The journey has been started:-

Then she was aiming to focus on her backup plan: BSC chemistry. Taking up this Course & thinking of completing graduation in this stream was not to her satisfaction. Still, she persisted as she had to complete her Studies in that Course. Day by day frustration took over & Demotivated her because she couldn't answer teachers' questions. Most importantly, she was not doing what she always wanted to do. One day she watched one motivational video of Sir Sandeep Maheshwari, where he explained very well the topic "Do what you like the most". His speech motivated her and she took her interest and her likes into consideration. Started thinking about her passion, thinking & hobbies. As she looks back on her past journey she recalled that she had achieved so many awards and certificates for writing. Then she started writing again on 1st November 2020. She started to pen down any lines or Quotes daily and she did it till Feb 2021. Then, she thought why not maintain a quote book with explanations, and then she started elaborating on her one-liner Quotes day by day. Though she was not good at her English vocabulary and grammar nonetheless she continued with her writings. Now she is a published author of " The beauty of Quotes".

She is always thinking about suicide and one day she thought why even after attempting suicide many times she can't die. Why does God want her to stay in this selfish world?

When she looks around her she finds selfishness, greed, and negativity around her. People don't care about anyone and everyone thinks about I, Me, and Myself.

Then she started a mission called SGSH (Spread Goodness Spread Happiness), with this mission she is helping people to spread positivity around the world. One day on her Instagram page someone texted her would you like to be a part of my anthology? That was paid 30 Rs. She thought let's try what it is. Then without asking anyone she paid 30 rs from her mother's account. Then one day again someone texted her Do you want to compile a book and want rewards? Without second thought she agreed. First time Ever in the publication she completed 60 co authors book within a one month with the fees of 250 rs. The book title was The Victory Of Good, after achieving such good appreciation she started working with different different publications and compiled books named as Flying Wings, The Champ Forever, Aashayein, The Burning Desire, You are a star etc. But after working these much she was not satisfied. She published her own book but that time many fraud was happened in publication.She didn't like some rules of the publication so she started her own publication at the age of 20 for her writers ( sgsh_publication).By hardworking and her behaviour she is winning everyone's heart and by following only one quote "The world is full of nice people Just Spread Goodness Spread happiness".

It was one of her most inspiring mission which made her the best writer and entrepreneur at the very young age of 20. Her philosophies like "The humblest thing is to help others." encouraged her. Apart from being an entrepreneur, and a writer, she is a guide, mentor, and inspiration, changing the lives of people day by day.

Hope all of you will be inspired by her thoughts, bravery and most of the courage as well as her mission.

Life may give us hard times we can't control but with courage and determination, we can help ourselves and inspires others. Let's spread goodness and happiness.

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